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We provide the tools for high school students and recent graduates to begin an amazing career, while allowing them to connect, socially, in a new and exciting manner.

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Apply for jobs

Search and apply for your dream job.

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Go through the entire interview process, seamlessly, in one place.

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Choose from a variety of courses to help you prepare for your dream job.

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Social media created especially for you, including everything you loved before but a twist to add things that matter to you.


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Our goal is to provide our users with the best possible experience. We believe this begins with exceptional features. We love feedback from our users about how we can make their experience more memorable.

Register as a Student

  1. Navigate jobs based on various filters/parameters.
  2. Apply for jobs.
  3. Go through entire interview process.
  4. Navigate courses based on various filters/parameters.
  5. Attend/complete courses.
  6. Use a new social media platform (Gallery) that satisfies your wants and needs.
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Register as a School or Business

As a school, you can upload courses (live or pre-recorded) to allow students to fullfil certain education or job requirements.

As a business, you can:

  1. Post any open, available jobs.
  2. Search for candidates.
  3. Go through entire interview process.
  4. Higher the best candidate.
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Social Media

The beauty of this social platform is that it keeps out the "outside noise." This means that only people of similar ages and interests are able to join. There are plenty of exciting features that will keep students and recent graduates engaged.

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